It all started out of a curiosity. Thinking three years back I remember walking around in the city noticing that there were many artistic jewellery shops and handmade bead works around in the city. I remember admiring them and thinking I wonder if I could do something like that.
Women wear a lot of jewellery here, and you can find supplementary shops almost on every street of Bari. The supplies come from Asia and Bari with it's location on the coast line and being the capital of Puglia happens to be a starting point for many arriving immigrants. Immigrants often have a business idea in mind or perhaps they've already heard from a relative that 
here WE LIKE the MATERIALS they have.

So I started to buy the materials, which from a Finnish point of view are not expensive at all.
I started to experiment and I asked advices from the supplementary shops and I learned. The first pieces I made ( like often in creative projects ) were not great at all. They were heavy, or were made in the way that they would easily break in a  normal use. But suddenly my work became more and more beautiful and I started to post them on FB. And I opened a shop on Etsy. I started to receive many requests and lovely feedback and was absolutely thrilled.

I've had a little silent period in the process because of other responsibilities in my life right now, 
but slowly I'm continuing my work. Here are just few things I've done. 

Materials : Nacre, Agate Stone, Resin

Materials : Coral, Metal, Agate Stone

Materials : Coral, Metal, Agate Stone, Stone

Materials : Metal, Glass, Agate Stone, Stone Mass

Materials : Agate Stone, Stone

Materials : Stone Mass, Pearl, Metal

Materials : Metal, Agate Stone, Resin, Coral, Hooks of the Earrings are Silver

Materials are pretty much the same here : Metal, Agate Stone, Resin, Glass

Materials : Painted Wood, Glass Beads, Hooks: Silver

Materials : Stone Mass, Resin, Colored Pearl, Indian Silver and Stone, Metal

Materials : Pearl, Agate Stone, Wood, Stone Mass

If you're interested seeing more, please have a look on my FB page :

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