Friday, 30 May 2014

While at Home

Today I'm going to present a couple of things I've made while at home 
with a very little budget.

I'm the one who always loses the keys. 
Mostly my keys get lost in my massive handbag.
I solved this problem by making this relatively big key holder. 
It's made with Mona Luna and IKEA fabrics and it works !! My keys haven't been 
lost ever since I've started to use this one.

 I bought this beautiful fabric from MARIMEKKO last summer while 
visiting my home in Finland and so far I've made two things out of it. 
The i phone case and a little skirt for my daughter. 
There's still some fabric left, but I haven't decided yet what to do 
with the left over.

In the last picture you can see the little summer hose of Luna Lisa 
and just yesterday I organized it a bit and created a little reading angle. 
I think it's a cute little nest for spending 
a moment in privacy for Luna. 

Here it is, the summer house of Luna.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Something I Love

Some of you already know my latest passion and hobby. Bead works. Lately or lets say since my daughter reached the toddler age I've been too busy, or simply incapable of doing any new jewellery. I've used my creativity doing things with her, or for her and that has been enough of creativity for a long period. BUT the materials and the passion are still there and I have every intention to continue
with this path. Next I'll be creating a new page for my blog and present some of the best work I've done. Then I'm thinking of making a couple of new colourful pieces for the summer. What could be 
a better period for jewellery than the summer time.
Enjoy the warm weather everyone, xxx

And here's the link to the new page :

Monday, 19 May 2014


The things that I'm getting done these days are just getting fewer and fewer, but there are two new things happening in my life today. I have finally started to use Instagram !! No, don't look yet at my profile because there's nothing to see, but TODAY I created the profile and took first quick photos. I kind of like it because the photos are cool with the square shape and with the effects you can choose to apply on them. I'm gonna be much more active with photo shooting from now on. 
Secondly, I know I've already mentioned it, but this pregnancy is getting on my nerves now. The giant belly, tiredness and slowness with everything is making me nervous. I have quit a healthy diet normally, but lately I've been eating a bit too much of ice creams, bread and pasta. Now I'm gonna put an extra effort on thinking what I'm eating because everything and I mean EVERYTHING I eat matters a lot right now.
Well ok, if you want to follow me or stay in contact on Instagram, here's the link :

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Some Baby Craziness

Few weeks to go and I'm getting slightly nervous...I'm desperately trying to find some space (no, we still haven't found the new bigger home) for the new baby clothes and at the same time getting rid of some old ones. I was hoping to recycle all of my daughter's clothes, but my second child is, or should be a boy and I'm really not sure if I could ever handle more then two kids so I thought it's time to let these pearls go.
 ( If they won't go - no one wants to buy them it means I'll have to save them, right ?)
Anyway these clothes in the photos are almost like new ones and very little if at all used. Lets see if I can find a new owner for them.
Otherwise our life is pretty much about waiting and getting ready for the new arrival. I'm desperately trying to do potty training for my daughter who is quite stubborn and doesn't easily buy the new routines...patience, I need more patience.
If you want to know if my belly is big ? Yes, this week I was told in the fruit and vegetable shop that I can't carry my shopping bags any more and that someone would deliver my bags for me. 
Well that was nice after all but I feel like an elephant !!!
Finally, there's a little chance that we've found a new apartment further away from the centre. So if everything goes well, we could be moving  in 6 months time. Great !! Speak to you soon, X

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Under The Sun

Happy and tasty Mother's Day to me, it sure was a lovely one !

We were incredibly lucky this mother's day. It was a warm spring day and our first day at the beach this year. Of course we go by the beach also in the winter, but today Luna actually went into the water. 
We ate well. I prepared some snacks and lunch and we took everything with us. Welcome summer !
We're ready for you. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's Day

Suddenly my life became more colourful, more meaningful, more fun
and my days are filled with love.
That's what happened when I became a mum.

I finished my day in the kitchen and tomorrow morning I will start it  in the kitchen. This is because I had decided to bake the cake and some snacks for Mother's day. This is despite the fact that I've been grumpy and tired all day. I did it because I want tomorrow to be a special day for my kid. We'll spend it together outside eating and playing all day long. And no, tomorrow I won't be grumpy !
I wish you all a lovely mother's day and I'll talk about it more in the next post.
Good night, x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

On the Menu This Evening

 I cook a lot, most of the days for the lunch and for the evening. So that's two times a day. I always use fresh ingredients, and I can say that I don't eat ready made meals. Unless not on a holiday or somewhere outside. I know a lot of people are too busy or too tired to cook, or they just prefer to use their time in other ways, all my respect for those ones. After all every one has to choose how to spend their time.
Cooking with the fresh seasonal ingredients means that I go food shopping almost every day. In Bari we have lots of little specialized shops for fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, bread and so on. We live in the city centre and I actually have all these little shops literally just around the corner, so this is another reason why it's possible to use so much fresh ingredients in cooking on daily bases.

In Bari we eat lots of white fish which has been delivered from the fisher men to the shops early in the morning. It's useless trying to sell an old fish for a South Italian. Trust me. They recognise the freshness by the smell, the hardness of the fish and finally in the taste. The salmon in the picture comes from further away and is probably not as fresh as the cods and sea breams in the picture. As a Finnish I have graving for salmon every now and then and I just must have it. I cook it in the oven, add just a bit of salt, then I boil some potatoes and feel like at home. Yum yum.

These are just few examples of a large range of fish and sea food we enjoy here.
Then there's the cheese. I actually didn't eat much cheese before moving to Italy. I didn't like mozzarella, or that gum like white ball they sell in supermarkets in Finland. Here the taste is so different. I eat almost daily fresh mozzarella and other fresh cheese which also arrive from the farms not long after being produced. They do not contain any preservatives and that's why they're so much healthier than the ones that are packed and send to supermarkets all around the world.

This evening I'm planing to cook spaghetti with fresh spinach and ricotta cheese and for the second main course fillets of sea breams cooked in fresh tomato and garlic sauce. So lets get on with it ! Enjoy your evenings everyone !

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Moving On With The Book Project

This week I've started to really feel the pregnancy. I walk slowly, I forget things and I feel all funny. I've started to sleep really well and I feel like my body is asking me to slow down. About six weeks to go, so no wonder. I've taken time to do some yoga, rest and I try to eat as well as possible. I've used my own time for continuing the little book project that I started some time a go. I've been reading a lot of new blogs and have had some great ideas for modifying the look of my own blog.
I'm gonna try to work on that next week.

Another nice thing is that my dear M is right now out in a search of a potential new home for us and I can't wait for him to come home and share the news. We've used so much time for the search, we've been looking in the country as well as in the city center but nothing has come up so far. I really can't wait to have some more space at home for all of us.

Next week we've got the St Nicholas "festival " here in Bari and there are already lots of decorations and entertainment rides for kids outside. Let's hope the weather is good so we can enjoy the party !!!