Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Some Baby Craziness

Few weeks to go and I'm getting slightly nervous...I'm desperately trying to find some space (no, we still haven't found the new bigger home) for the new baby clothes and at the same time getting rid of some old ones. I was hoping to recycle all of my daughter's clothes, but my second child is, or should be a boy and I'm really not sure if I could ever handle more then two kids so I thought it's time to let these pearls go.
 ( If they won't go - no one wants to buy them it means I'll have to save them, right ?)
Anyway these clothes in the photos are almost like new ones and very little if at all used. Lets see if I can find a new owner for them.
Otherwise our life is pretty much about waiting and getting ready for the new arrival. I'm desperately trying to do potty training for my daughter who is quite stubborn and doesn't easily buy the new routines...patience, I need more patience.
If you want to know if my belly is big ? Yes, this week I was told in the fruit and vegetable shop that I can't carry my shopping bags any more and that someone would deliver my bags for me. 
Well that was nice after all but I feel like an elephant !!!
Finally, there's a little chance that we've found a new apartment further away from the centre. So if everything goes well, we could be moving  in 6 months time. Great !! Speak to you soon, X

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