Thursday, 31 July 2014

Maisons Du Monde

Have you ever heard from Maisons Du Monde ?
I hadn't, until a friend of ours brought some catalogues from a newly arrived furniture department store in Bari. They have beautiful beautiful colorful furniture and textile styles varying from industrial to Atlantic and Romantic. They also have some really wonderful stuff for kids. And why is this 
interesting ? Well because we finally found our new home. We're moving in a couple of months time and have started to look for new furniture. Some furniture we would like to buy from antique and second hand stores, others we'll take from my new favorite store. Ahh so exciting. Let me remind you that we're now living in a one bedroom flat and we've got a bouncing toddler and a new born baby to live with. So we really need this new home now. Luckily we have a huge balcony or more like a terrace which you can enjoy at least 6 months a year here in Italy.  

Last sunday we visited first time Maisons Du Monde in Bari and our daughter didn't hesitate twice once she saw this little monkey friend, she had to have it. So there he is.

I just love the creative solutions for children's rooms nowadays, this may be too much, but I can't wait to start decorating my daughter's room.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Think Again

I've already mentioned the book " New Day"( Uusi paiva) by a Finnish author Heidi Kuusisto. In her book Heidi talks about well being that starts from eating raw healthy diet and taking care of your mind by meditating and doing some physical exercise everyday. In general, living a much simpler and quieter life for example by not reading the news for a week. Just concentrating on the things that are important to you.

I myself have been stressing this morning about the
baby that wants to eat all the time and therefore leaving me with little or no time to put in to effect the tasks I had in mind for today. And why do I make tasks when I know it can be hard to do them with a newborn ? Now there's a good question.

So I asked my self do I really need to go to food shopping this morning or could I do it with my toddler this evening ? I want to write my blog and draw a " playing carpet" for my daughter. ( She got her first car toys this week and I got an idea to draw her a playing carpet with some streets and crossroads). Then there are the usual chores for tiding up the flat and preparing lunch and dinner...That's a lot to do
for one morning so could I just stop everything for a moment and think again...
Finally I didn't go shopping.
Instead I prepared my self a nice green smoothy, sat down to write my blog and started to sketch the 
playing carpet.
I'm already feeling better
and also the baby seems to be sleeping so everything is looking much better already.

Have a lovely and peaceful weekend everyone !

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Play Time

Four weeks a go I was preparing my self with a new life with a crying baby and little free time, it turned out that the tough part is not the baby but the big sister. I haven't been able to dedicate so much time for my daughter now and she's responding with bad behaviour and tantrums. It sure hasn't been easy. When ever possible I try to set up some activities for my toddler, so that it's easy for her to start playing and get dirty. 
At her age ( 2 years and 6 months) she often plays only for 15 mins or so and 
then needs to do something completely different. The good thing is that when I dedicate a good 15 mins to play with her she kind of get the strength to continue on her own. Here's some of her favorite activities. 
Riding with the bike still needs some hard practicing.
These Puky bikes are really popular in Finland, here in Italy it's the only one I've seen so far.
Everything has to come to it's end and surely also this hard period, I'm going to stay positive and
hope for better times, xxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pretty in Yellow

This spring and summer time I've favored yellow clothing and accessories for my daughter.
I made some shopping early in the spring and was inspired by a couple of sandals I've found for Luna.
I made this little outfit, perfect for the beach wear, out of some leftover fabrics at home. 

I also made this little green and yellow stone necklace and decided not to use any metal bits, so there's nothing that can brake up or scratch her. She was excited !! The first necklace just for her. ( No need for stealing from mom).

Here's the new lock I invented for this necklace. 

Pretty in yellow, here's my little girl.