Friday, 7 March 2014

Looking For The Inspiration



This morning I ran out of sketching paper so I had a good excuse to go for a long inspiring walk.
We live right at the center of Bari by the Adriatic sea and I usually go for walks along the sea side. Today I had to get to the art shop so I took the other direction and passed some beautiful colorful buildings, antiq shops and some pretty urban shops. I really admire the Italian's natural skill for decorating and styling. It's a real pleasure to do some serious window shopping here.
After couple of hours I got back home excited and ready for some coloring. Coloring ? 
That's right, I haven't told you about my new idea. 
For some time now all my creative work has been about sewing or jewellery making. It's been a while since I did any serious drawing other then some doodling for my daughter. My daughter happens to love the children's books and as we're in Italy there aren't any books in Finnish available. We've got a pile of them at home, but it looks like we've read them too many times now and it's time for something new. That's when it hit me. I'm gonna write her a story. Nothing too ambitious, just a book thats suitable for her age and her personality.
I'll post some photos of the process later, now lets get on with it !!

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