Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Home Sweet Home

I've taken a looong brake from writing a blog. My family is in a middle of a moving process. We currently live in the centre of Bari in a one bedroom flat. Needless to say, I simply can't wait to have more space for all of us. The new apartment is about 15 km North from Bari, close to the airport and in a short distance (1 km) of Adriatic sea. My daughter has already started the new kinder garten just 100 m away from our new apartment and the neighbourhood seems very friendly and lovely. Lots of kids, more space, no traffic and hassle, ...ahhh welcome the hassle free new life.

I think we'll be moving in a couple of months time, fingers crossed !

We ordered the furniture for our bedroom from Maison Du Monde, the French furniture store that 
opened their first shop in Bari last year. The furniture are on their way and should arrive in a couple of weeks time.
(Pictures by Maison Du Monde).

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