Friday, 22 August 2014

Lately at My Home...

I promised my self I would continue to write my blog after the baby is born. I'll do it, I thought, even if it would have to be written at night, and ofcourse I didnt. I've been quiet for a couple of weeks now because I simply sleep at night and day time I'm happy if I have the time to take a decent shower.
Why didn't anyone tell me in advance it's going to be so hard. I actually thought that the hard part would be taking care of the baby, but the truth is the hard part is my other child, the older one. She's dealing with her "terrible two years crises", a new born brother, potty training ( which has successfully been finished) and who knows what else. There are days when she's adorable, and others when I'm ready to pack my suitcase and run. 
I actually do feel a great frustration for not being able to play with my daughter when ever I want...With one child you can pretty much handle everything but with too kids you're gonna have to start letting go. Let go of cleaning the house, let go of cooking two times a day and why not just spend an entire day in your pyjama at home coloring or reading books. It's also ok if your child has nothing to do. It's ok if she's feeling bored, because that's life. That's when she's gonna have to start creating and using her imagination.
However, I've started to think of ways to make my life a little bit easier. Firstly I've started to order food home instead of going shopping and when my daughter starts to count the numbers  (gets crazy) as they say in Italy, I'll give her some art materials such as play dough,
which keeps her busy for an hour or so.

Today I received a packet from Amazon with the book order I made a week a go.
I ordered a book about art projects with kids, the holistic baby guide and a book called Baby-led Weaning. More about these the next time.

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