Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Yesterday was my my birthday and I'm feeling...yes a bit old(er), but most importantly delighted. I received so many lovely phone calls, messages, wishes and love, that today I'm feeling all warm, loved, happy and inspired! You see, all you need is love for the inspiration and I've been lately so busy with my two little kids that I haven't had time even to think about my life, nor my relationship with my lovely partner and not to speak of so many dear friends who also inspire me greatly. Just today, I also feel like I'm just fine the way I am as a mum and as a partner, as a friend and as a sister. I could write you a book of my thoughts right now, but I'm just going to say that even if my silly life never goes the way I planed it somehow it always gives me more than I ever asked for. There's one thing I've done right in my life and it's the fact that I've always followed my heart. Today I'm extremely thankful for everything I have and what will be part of my life in the future. Thank you.

And as I'm feeling so inspired, next post will be about my new little necklace project. 
I promise to write soon.

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