Sunday, 27 April 2014

Impossible Toddlers


So we went back to Matera. This is the first series of photos of our trip and it includes surprise surprise my little impossible toddler. She is really quite active and has never liked to sit in the stroller so most of the time she just jumps and runs around. Luckily we had a couple of extra hands to help and run after. My mum and Luna's grandpa were with us. The weather was partly sunny, partly rainy and windy but it was still worth visiting and I just wanted to show the place to my mum. Just before the trip I went cloth shopping and got this wonderful yellow spring jacket for Luna from Zara. She looks like a little lemon with it and definitely won't get lost !


  1. Kiva vaatesetti päättäväisen näköisellä tyypillä ;) Ja vikassa kuvassa niin kaks marjaa :D

  2. Joo päättäväinen tosiaan...uhma pahimmillaan, toivottavasti siis ei hirveästi pahemmaksi enää mene :D