Sunday, 20 April 2014

One Birthday and The Easter Time

This Saturday we celebrated the birthday of my daughter's grandad. I decided to make him a little gift
that would remind him of the unforgettable trip to Tuscany that we did last summer when my daughter was only 17 months old. The print is 35 cm x 35 cm in size and came out pretty nice although the photos were shot with an i phone and not with a proper camera. Of course he liked it very much. What I learned from this little project is that in the future for even better result I must use more my digital camera and less i phone for shooting photos.

The Easter decorations have brought the spring into our little home.
I've already published some Easter decoration photos, but the best craft of this Easter is definitely this yellow bunny that my daughter brought home from her kindergarten. It's made of an empty old tomato tin can, paper, cotton and a piece of a wooden ice cream stick. Wonderful, must keep it safe for the becoming Easter periods.

Ok I admit it. This cake would not have been done if it wasn't for my mum who was and still is over at our place. We made this strawberry chocolate cheese cake together for the grandpa (my partner's dad). I learned a lot and yes it was delicious and very easy to make. The harder part was that in order to make and serve the cake we had to go shopping at the kitchen department store....Embarrassing but I've been honest here. As a mum of a soon two small kids I have good intentions to become one of those cake baking mums...I will I promise !!
The next cake will be done by me...(in the near future).

On Saturday we went out to eat in a very nice and quite sophisticated restaurant who likes to experiment a bit more than most other restaurants in town. South Italians seem to be almost allergic to whole grain bread and pasta, but in this restaurant the whole grains seemed to be very commonly in use. Above one of the many starters we had, vegetables plate with a selection of fresh (and I mean really fresh) ricotta and mozarella cheese, carrots from Poligniano with some rucola, celery and radish.

Bruschetta bread and whole grain focaccia bread. Mmmm very tasty...

 Whole grain pasta and sword fish with some orange.

Luna slept two hours in the restaurant and woke up later for a full plate of pasta with tomato sauce.
And there we were ready for the cake and gifts. 

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