Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Until The Next Time Mum

Where did "Nonna Riitta" (my mum) go asked my daughter today after she arrived home from the kindergarten. She went back home dear I replied and burst into tears. She went back home to the land where you eat lots of blueberries in the summer time. The blueberries grow in the forest and you can pick them up and eat as much as you like. Do you remember ? She does remember, she often talks about my family in Finland. I wish I could have them near. Well I'll get over this, but right now I feel exactly like when coming back to Italy from a long holiday in Finland. I guess I'm still having my cultural shock going on and I'm still in the process of settling down. It takes so much time. But I'm very thankful of having my little "Italian family" here.

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